Meet the Dilger’s

This will be an introduction to the key characters in this story.

As I mentioned before this is a unique family. Many at times considered the local royalty. The grandparents Jack & Ellie had money. Old money.  Millionaires when Millionaires were a lot more rare.  So I guess we will just start at the top of the list with Jack.

Leonard Jackson(Jack) Dilger Jr.

A feisty old coot. Truly one of a kind.   He was a kind man yet could be a bit evil. I guess it all depends on when/how you crossed paths with him.

Eleanor(Ellie) Mevins Dilger

Ellie again was one of a kind. Friendly at times but could be rather rude and was very snobbish. She could attempt to look down her nose at anyone.

Leonard(Lenny) Jackson Dilger III

Back when I knew him he was a pistol. He always had a dirty joke, and sometimes it was actually funny. Kind-hearted but played to his own drum a  bit too much, which ended up causing him to be fired at his job. Avid drinker that never met a scotch that he couldn’t drink 5 of.

Sandra(Sandy) Hixon  Waltorn Dilger

She easily could follow in her mother-in-laws path. One of a few gossip queens, and as you may know they attempt to rule a small town, the type of town where people know what kind of undies you’ve put on long before you’ve pulled them out of the drawer. Friendly, but a bit fake acting.  She’s bride # 2 for Lenny, married when his son was 14ish, and her girls were 11 &  6ish?

Leonard Jackson Dilger IV

Like his poppa, he’s a funny guy from time to time. Also like his poppa, he’s not turned down too many meals or drinks and could scam an eskimo out of his igloo.  At times he goes by Leon, and as I mentioned before who knows what is on his fake business cards at this point. Heck he might even have a real alias by now.

Gina Sandra Waltorn Dilger

There is an old saying, that when you can’t say anything nice about someone, it’s best to not say anything at all. Well, while that old cliche fits, it’s not a very exciting response. Let’s just say that Miss Gina has had some issues. Insecure at a young age, and it makes me wonder what if anything her real Daddy did to her(if anything).  There are/were certainly signs that could bring things like that into question.

Abbie Lynn Waltorn Dilger

This little-bit. Obviously she’s not the sweet innocent little girl anymore since she’s in her early to mid 30′s, but truth be told not much is known about her at this point. Oh and it’s Abbie-Lynn, and not just Abbie and not just Lynn.  It’s one of those southern things where a couple of syllables have been added to the pronunciation of the first name.

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house…. Ooops wait… Wrong story.

The night before Thanksgiving used to be one of my favorite nights of the year.   This goes back 15 or so odd years but it was always an entertaining night at the “The Range”, which was a late 90′s addition to my hometown. There weren’t many places to get a cold beer at.  There was a small dive with great food, but you smelled like you worked in the kitchen and it had sat 25 people tops.

There was a place across the street from the “The Range”, which was a normal hang out, but the new place  would stay open later, had a larger and sectioned off bar area and it had karaoke. I’ll save some karaoke stories for other days.

The night before Thanksgiving seemed to often have friends in from various places to visit their parents and families.  The beer flowed and stories were told and the song “Glory Days” of Springsteen lore comes to mind on nights like that. You’ll see an old ex, maybe even fool around a bit, or at least tease each other enough to wish you were fooling around a bit.  Most of the time it is good to see faces from the past.

For the most part it was low key unless someone drank about 15 too many, which was usually the case.

Time goes on, people move to here, to there, to various places, people drift apart.  So here 12-15 some odd years later I sit here on the night before Thanksgiving just rambling on at the keyboard, hoping it all makes sense in the end.

Glory days well they’ll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl’s eye
Glory days, glory days

Good night people.

What is this exactly?

Well to be brutally honest I really don’t have a clue. Oh and I’m the narrator, or if I want to go all Dukes of Hazzard, the title would be the Balladeer, though you sure as hell don’t want me singing, I’m no Waylon Jennings.  For you fans of French out there the correct word would be raconteur.

I’ve been told by more than one person and by a certain person numerous times that I have a way with words or a knack for storytelling.  I’m not sold on the idea but I’ve had worse ideas than this.

So this will be a place to store it all.  It won’t be pretty, if my English teachers read this some might be amazed and of course some will frown at parts of it because I haven’t made any donations to the Fraternal Order of the Grammar Police.

Some posts will be pretty damn blunt, and some will include a few four letter words, and six and seven words too. I have to cover all bases.  I’ll protect the innocent and guilty alike and will alter certain names & places, but I’ll be nice and make sure when I speak of say Leonard and Lenny, a father and son who will be the focus of a few posts, then Leonard, who I think goes by Leon at this point, well again to be brutally honest I’m not sure what he’s putting on his “Leonard Jackson Dilger IV esq.” fake business cards at this point. Note to readers: That was a tease of a future post.  The Dilger family is an interesting family, and stories can be told about Leon Jr, who actually went by Jack, Lenny, who is the III, and Leonard who is the IV, their wives, and siblings, They are a very unique family.  More about the Dilger’s later.

While I’ll remain in the role of storyteller, I’ll tell stories and tales about my own mistakes and the stupidity that ran rampant from time to time, but I’ll address my own stories like those of Leonard and anyone else. Basically there won’t be a return to sender stamped on the front.  Growing up in a  small town has its pros and cons like anything else. One guy took a pro to his senior prom. She wasn’t a pro at that point but dammit if she didn’t become one. I’m sure there were a few cons as well.

There should have been a helluva a lot more if truth be told.   If we were enrolled in high school in this day and age any number of events would have had POE-LEASE called. I guess we grew up in the right era/decade. The 60′s or 70′s would have been fun, but a few would have done even more drugs.

Yes, that was an homage to the great Fred G, Sanford portrayed by the even greater Redd Foxx(he was a funny grumpy old man).  His show wouldn’t cut in the political correct society of today just as we as rowdy students wouldn’t cut it in the call the cops for some kids partaking in the historic ritual of  throwing of some fisticuffs.  The fisticuffs is another tease for a future post.

Oh and at some point, I might decide to proofread all this.

Well, this is it for the first post. Hope you enjoy.


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